Rural Opportunity Zone

For Information on the Rural Zone Tax incentive contact: 

The Monticello DDA @ (706) 418-5688

JOB TAX CREDIT:  Must create two full time jobs.  $2,000 credit per new full time equivalent job. Not to exceed $40,000 credit per year.  Eligible businesses include professional service and retail.  Credit can be taken for five years as long as jobs are maintained.
REHABILITATION TAX CREDIT:  Equivalent to 30% of qualified rehabilitation costs not to exceed $30,000.   Credit should be prorated equally in three installments over three taxable years.  Must create a minimum of two full time equivalent jobs.
INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT: This credit is for purchasing property downtown within the Rural Revitalization Zone.  Equivalent to 25% of the purchase price not to exceed $125,000.  To claim this tax credit the investment property must be within the designated Rural Revitalization Zone and create two full time equivalent jobs.  Credit can be claimed over 5 years.